Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday Centers

Here are a couple of our new math centers. I find most of my centers on other teacher blogs and In the picture below, the students are working on even and odd numbers. They roll two number cubes to create a number. If the number is odd they write it on the blue flower and if the number is even they write it on the pink flower.


 For this center, students work on fact families. On top of the holiday tree is a star with a set of three numbers that make up a fact family. The students put the ornaments, which have  corresponding math facts, to match the fact family numbers on the holiday tree.

 In this fun candy cane center, students work on number order and skip counting. The students have to fill in the missing numbers on the candy canes. This helps students with their number sense.

 In this math center, students add sums found on ornaments and match them to their corresponding holiday tree.


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