Sunday, October 2, 2011

Guided Reading

During Guided Reading, we read leveled books. While reading our leveled books, we practice new reading strategies such as, Fly Eye, Skippy Kangaroo, Flippy Dolphin, Stretchy Snake, and, Chunky Monkey. Each reading strategy helps us when we get stuck on words we don't know. Fly Eye helps us to look at the picture to figure out the word. Flippy Dolphin reminds us that there are two sounds for vowels (Long and Short) and that if one sound doesn't make sense to try the other. Skippy Kangaroo tells us to skip the word we don't know and to continue reading the sentence. Our context clues will help us figure out the word when we use Skippy Kangaroo. Stretchy Snake helps us to stretch out the sounds in a word we don't know and Chunky Monkey helps us to find chunks in words or little words in a word we don't know. For example, I may not know what the word 'small' is but, I know that a-l-l says 'all.' Now that I found the chunk 'all,' I can sound the beginning letters out to read the word 'small.'

Here is a picture of the decoding strategies that I have introduced to the students!

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