Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Poem to Share

I wrote this poem when I was a Junior in high school.It was an assignment to write a poem. I wrote it before I even knew I wanted to be a teacher!Funny how things happen. Hope you enjoy!

The Teacher

Her purpose was to educate those in need.
She taught the children how to write and read. 
She had a gift of teaching the young. 
She began her days once the bell had rung.
A lady she was gentle, sweet, and kind.
She was patient when students did not mind.
Her cloths were the same almost everyday.
Like always, she fixed her hair the same way.
By playing fun and interesting games, 
She made learning fun in different ways. 
The children loved her and the parents too.
They went on picnics when the sky was blue.
The children loved it when she read to them.
They listened closely and paid attention. 
She taught them the alphabet song. 
She taught them so well they all sang along.
She taught them to count one, two, and three.
She taught them to how to win spelling bees.
The children brought her apples everyday.
She said, "Apples keep the doctor away!"
The children were sad when the school year was over.
She said, "Till next year when you are older!"

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Stephanie said...

Hi Mrs Voss,
I love your poem, and I love reading about what the children are up to in class. I also like your blog design. Did you design it yourself. Great job.