Thursday, September 1, 2011

Literacy Centers

We have so much fun learning in our centers. In this center we practice our independent reading. We use reading strategies to help us with words we don't know.

Check out our listening center! We practice our reading skills with a recorded book on tape. Books on tape are a great way to motivate your child to read.

 This is our Word Families center. In this center we study one word family and the different words that belong in that family. We then write the words in our composition books and write sentences for each word.

 This is our Spelling center. Here we practice our spelling words. There is a list provided and we use magnetic letters to practice our spelling words for the week.
 This is our Big Books center. Here we practice using our reading skills and strategies.
 In our Poems center, we read a poem that's laminated on construction paper and then we find the scrambled words to recreate the poem.

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