Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ready for 2012-2013 1st Grade Class at Mableton Elementary!


Our new, huge classroom!

Our "Bee-havior" Chart

This is our Standards and Essential Questions Wall. Our Standards and EQ's help us understand what we are expected to learn in First Grade. Check out the Common Core Tab located to the right of our blog to read through some of the new standards that will be implemented this year!

 Our Birthdays!

I created this 120's chart to match our new math standards.

The numbers are glued with a magnet, so that I can manipulate the numbers to help teach your child number sense.

 Our Math Data Wall helps your child to see how they are progressing towards the standards in Math.

Our "Good Works" board is for students who are meeting or exceeding the standards for reading, writing, and math. Here their work will be displayed with teacher commentary for other students to see what meets and exceeds work looks like.

Our First Day Math activity.

Our area for Reading and Math centers. Students will learn how to cooperatively work in centers with other students while working on concepts in reading and math.

Our Reading Data Chart is to help students see where they are on the reading scale.
Our Classroom Library. Your child will be able to take home two books every night to read and record in their Reading Logs. 
Accelerated Reader is a program we have at Mableton where each book is based on a grade level point system. A student will read a book and take a comprehension test on the computer. My classroom library is supplied with AR books for your child to read so they can earn their points. Each student has a goal of 2 points per month. Most of the 1st grade level books are worth .5 point. We will begin AR towards the end of August. This program will be discussed more at Open House!

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